2.6.22 Message: The Art of Hearing – Hearing is Believing

“The Art of Hearing: Hearing Is Believing”
Luke 5:1-11

We don’t know what Jesus taught his followers on this particular day, but whatever it was it seemed to
be exactly what his disciples needed to hear. After a night of fishing and coming back empty handed,
they heard Jesus’ words and it gave them the encouragement they needed to try again. As tired as they
probably were, they were able to open themselves to Jesus’ guidance exactly when they needed it most.
Their willingness to hear what Jesus taught them was life changing for all of them.

Sometimes, it is in the middle of feeling like we have failed that we are able to open ourselves up to
hearing from God exactly what we need at the moment we need it most. When have you been
discouraged or felt like you’ve failed? How has hearing God’s voice in your life offered you the
encouragement you’ve needed to get through a difficult time?