6.5.22 Message: Dancing with the Spirit – Who’s My Partner?

Who and What is the Holy Spirit? Is It real? Is It God? Does It talk to us? How do we know? While the Holy Spirit can feel ambiguous, we can be certain that It is real and present in our lives today. But just saying that probably doesn’t make It any less confusing for us. So how do we know anything about It at all? Dancing with the Spirit reminds us to do just that…learn how the Holy Spirit is present in our lives and to be open to the movement of that Spirit so we can live into our values as followers of Jesus. While we explore together we might ask more questions than find answers in this series, but that’s okay, because that’s how our faith grows…

“Dancing with the Spirit: Who’s My Partner?”

Genesis 1:1-2 & Numbers 9:15-22

Do you ever wonder what the Holy Spirit is? Is It really a ghost? Or, perhaps It’s more like that force that guides all our heroes and heroines in Star Wars? The bible describes the real Holy Spirit in a variety of ways, as a great wind, a creative force, a presence of cloud and fire that exists all the time…It is our comforter, our wisdom, and our bringer of knowledge. Who is the Holy Spirit and how does It dance into our lives?