Bible Study Moment


In Acts 14 Paul and Barnabas continue to other cities and towns. In Lystra they heal a crippled man. At that point the people believe that they are gods, specifically Hermes and Zeus. (English versions that were translated from a Latin translation, like the King James, read Mercury and Jupiter.) Paul and Barnabas do some quick talking to keep the priest of Zeus from making sacrifices to them. Then in verse 19 some of the angered Jews from other towns where they’ve been show up, turn the people against them and the crowd stones Paul until they believe he is dead, all in that one verse! Perhaps an example of how quickly a crowd can be turned into a mob.

Paul isn’t dead, obviously, and is able to travel the next day. After visiting Derbe they go back through the towns and cities they have visited, appointing elders, and return to Antioch and their home church.

Mark Phillips