Children’s Christmas Program

What is Christmas without little children in costumes telling the story of the birth of our Savior? So much of our world is changing, but we are going to attempt to keep that small piece of Christmas alive and well at Shawnee Community. By following COVID guidelines and keeping our families safe, we will be having a virtual Christmas program this year. We hope everyone will participate!

Families can sign up for a time to bring their child(ren) to church during the week of Dec. 7-10 (5-7:00pm).  Children will put on a costume and pose in front of our backdrop to have their picture taken by a children’s ministry volunteer. Costumes will be worn only once. Only one family will be in the church at a time. Surfaces used will be sprayed down after each family leaves. Time commitment: 20 minutes at the max.

Please use this link to sign up for a time.

Questions contact Patt Ludwick at