Disciple Women’s Ministry Fall Retreat

Tall Oaks • Friday, September 10-Sunday, September 12

Join Disciple women around the Kansas City region for a weekend retreat at Tall Oaks. The theme of the weekend is “Faith That Overflows” featuring keynote speaker Kirby Gould.

On April 13, 2014, Kirby’s cousin, Bill Coporon and his grandson, Reat Underwood, were murdered at the Jewish Community Center, along with Terri Lamanno at Village Shalom in Overland Park. Kirby will be sharing her personal story of how the extended Corporon family reacted and responded to the shootings. She will explore how faith influences our lives and how we can make a difference in our lives with our families, our churches and our communities.

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Faith That Overflows

Spiritual Pauses

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Sandy Allen is the chairperson for the Fall Retreat. If you have any questions, please contact her at skballen67@gmail.com.