Limited In-Person Worship on Sunday

On Sunday, March 7, we began in-person worship for a small group of worshippers at 10:00 am. Sandy Allen attended worship and wrote a thank you and testimonial about being able to attend worship after one year of missing in-person worship.

I want to thank everyone at SCCC that made it possible to worship “in person” on Sunday. It was a blessing to be able to sit in worship with some of our SCCC family—I know it was limited to a few. but it was wonderful. I have enjoyed the live streaming but being able to share in the worship experience was exciting. 

There was definitely a feeling of love for God and for each other—Ronette’s music; leadership and sermon by Rick and Rene; technology team of Andy, Matt, Bobette, and Ashley—and the willingness of people to come and be in worship for the first time in a year. Being able to take communion with others is a special blessing.

The worship area was prepared so there was plenty of social distancing and every precaution has been taken to keep us safe.  I hope that others will take advantage of this opportunity to worship at the church. I look forward to when we can all be together again, but in the meantime, I thank God for the steps that are being taken to allow us to worship with SCCC family in the church building.

Amen and amen!

Sending love and blessings to my SCCC family,

Sandy Allen


There are spots available to sign up for worship this Sunday. To sign-up for worship visit the following link:

For those not comfortable attending church in-person, we will continue to stream services online each Sunday.