Volunteer Opportunities

Looking For Ways to Get Involved? Volunteers Are Needed.

Advent Worship Planning—Worship during the Advent and Christmas season is so special and beautiful.  We don’t know whether we will be back to in-person worship or not—the number of new COVID cases is still high—but either way we want to make the worship for this season beautiful and meaningful.  If you would like to work with the pastors, Rick and René, and music ministry director, Ronette, to brainstorm creative worship ideas, contact Pastor René Jensen. Phone (402) 301-3280 or email revrenejensen@gmail.com


Compassion Coordinator- Pastor Johnny did a great job of engaging Shawnee Community Church in mission and service.  We need a volunteer to lead that effort now, especially someone to coordinate the special Christmas Is Not Your Birthday offering. If you feel called to lead this please contact Pastor Rick Jensen. Phone (402) 301-3279 or email rpmcycler@gmail.com.