Volunteer Opportunities

Over the past couple of years many of our volunteer positions and structures of the church were not needed due to COVID but as we have begun to recover and reopen, those positions and structures are ready for a comeback! Additionally, we are losing a couple of volunteers on our Media Team due to moving and retirement.

We invite you to look over the list below and prayerfully consider whether any of these roles are a good fit for you and a way for you to serve your faith community. If you are interested or want to learn more, please email info@shawneecommunity.org.


Deacons: On Sunday, help with communion set up and clean up, greet people at the front doors, help kids light candles, help visitors know where things are and where to go on Sunday mornings. Collect connect cards and offerings and bring to office. Count worship attendance and put in office.


Media Team: On Sunday, assist with running sound, running media slides or helping with worship livestream. Training is included so don’t worry!


Communications Team: The team is looking for volunteers to help take photos during community events at church, Sundays during worship and other events. Additionally, one or two volunteers are needed to assist Ashley with the presentation software on Sundays when she is on vacation.