Where Love Grows Campaign

FAQ about the Where Love Grows Campaign

Throughout the month of August you are receiving information about Where Love Grows….Investing In Our Church’s Future, the Over and Above Campaign we are conducting to address ongoing financial challenges.  Below are answers to some of the questions we have been receiving.


Why are we doing this campaign now?

With the Search Committee making good progress, we needed to complete Where Love Grows: the Over and Above Campaign prior to the new pastor’s arrival.  It was also important for the Search Committee to be able to assure potential candidates that while the church was facing financial challenges, we also had a plan to deal with those challenges.


Why don’t we just wait until the new pastor is here?

Starting a new ministry is very demanding.  Overseeing a very thorough financial campaign, such as our Where Love Grows campaign, is very demanding.  Congregational leadership believed that it was most important for the new pastor to be able to focus on ministry and not money in the beginning of their ministry with SCCC.


What is the goal? What happens if we don’t make our goal?

The goal is $125,000 given over two years.  The Campaign Team believes that this goal is very achievable.  But even if we don’t make that goal, we will still have stronger financial reserves that we did going into the campaign.


If I make a commitment to the Where Love Grows campaign, does this mean that I don’t have to make a pledge to the Fall Stewardship Campaign.

No! This is an over and above campaign, which means that you are being asked to make a commitment that is in addition to your usual commitment through the Fall Stewardship Campaign.


Do I have to take two years to fill my commitment to the Where Love Grows campaign?  Do I have to give monthly or weekly?

Absolutely not.  You may choose to give one lump sum in the first year.  Or to make two annual gifts.  Or you can give monthly or quarterly or weekly.  You can give in whatever way works best for you.


I am not able to give very much.  Should I even bother to make a financial commitment?

Yes, please do.  Every financial contribution, large or small, is important.  Remember that Jesus commended the poor widow who on gave a few cents.  Some members are able to give substantially, but some are not.  Give in proportion to how God has blessed you financially.


When should I turn in my Promise of Investment card?

A letter will be mailed next week that includes a Promise of Investment card.  You can indicate the amount of your financial contribution on that card.  You can mail it in immediately or you can bring it to church on Sunday, August 29 which is Celebration Sunday, the culmination of the Where Love Grows campaign.


If you have additional questions, feel free to call or text Dave Roeder, Campaign Chair, at (913) 961-4350 or Rev. René Jensen at (402) 301-3280 or Rick Jensen at (402) 301-3279.