5.7.23 Message – Closer & Closer: Living Stones

4.30.23 Message – Closer & Closer: Someone to Watch Over You

Closer & Closer: Someone to Watch Over You

What does it mean to depend on others, especially God? IF we are willing to depend on others a necessary component is trust and vulnerability. Our culture isn’t so great at either one of those things, we’re taught individualism is the most important component of our lives. Yet, those are exactly what we need in our spiritual journey. It’s a risk of our emotions and sense of self-sufficiency, but it’s a necessary risk for being in relationship with others, including God.

4.23.23 Message – Closer & Closer: Walking with Jesus

Closer & Closer: Walking with Jesus

Storytelling has been an important part of human relationships since time began. Our Bible is made of story after story of God’s people trying to figure out life, God, and our relationships with one another. Our stories help connect us and through those connections we can see one another in new ways. How do you share your story with the people around you today? How is God sharing the story of God’s people with you today?

4.9.22 Easter Message – Seeking: Who are you looking for?


Seeking: Who Are You Looking For?

When Mary finds the tomb empty, she stands weeping at the vacant grave. Jesus, mysteriously appearing as the gardener, asks her: “Why are you weeping? Who are you looking for?” On this Easter morning, who—or what—are you looking for? Why have you come to the tomb? What kind of Jesus are you looking for?

3.26.23 Message – Seeking: Can These Bones Live?

Seeking: Can These Bones Live?

When you find yourself in a valley of dry bones, when all hope seems lost, when death and grief surround you, with desperation you might cry out, “Can these bones live?” Can we find hope when things are bleak? Can we really trust in God’s resurrection?

3.19.23 Message – Seeking: Who Sinned?


Seeking: Who Sinned? (John 9:1-7)

When it comes to faith, sometimes there are bad questions—questions that are formed by assumptions, questions that lead us to judgment or isolation. This week, let us pay attention to the questions we ask. What assumptions do we carry? What is our intent? When seeking clarity or understanding, what are better questions we can ask?

2.26.23 Message – Seeking: Who Will You Listen To?

Seeking: Who Will You Listen To?

In order to engage in the spiritual practice of seeking, we must maintain a posture of listening, staying open and curious instead of calloused and closed off.  Who will you listen to? Whose voices—and what messages—take up too much space in your head? From the onslaught of messaging we receive, we are invited to choose carefully.