1.30.22 Message: The Art of Hearing – Hard of Hearing

The Art of Hearing: Hard of Hearing (Luke 4:21-30)

With so many ways to hear information in our modern society sometimes the sheer volume of it can be
overwhelming. How do we navigate through both helpful and destructive voices in our lives? What do
we do with those voices that we find frustrating and disagree with, and those that convict us to live

Jesus shared with folks that the “scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing” and for those who were
listening to him on that particular day didn’t hear it well. What they assumed they would hear from
Jesus and what they actually heard from him were different. We are all sometimes hard of hearing when
it comes to what God is trying to teach us…what are the boundaries you put up around your identity,
community, and yourself that keeps you from hearing God’s voice in your life well?