3.17.24 Message – Good Enough: We Are Fragile

Good Enough: We Are Fragile (John 12:1-8)

Life is fragile. And we won’t be around forever. Although we’d much rather pretend that we will. We don’t want to think of how fragile and brief everything really can be. It makes us uncomfortable; remembering our fragility lays bare the precious nature of the present moment. Jesue knew this, and that his own death would be soon. He asked his disciples to start to think about what life would be like without him…and to the surprise of no one, they didn’t want to. Much like we don’t want to think of the death of our loved ones.

But what if instead of denying the inevitable we embraced our limited time, savored it, and admitted our vulnerability to one another? How might this impact how we live in the present moment?