Bible Study Moment

Acts 10:1-11:18 tells a story that may be even more important than Paul’s conversion in chapter 9, for it tells of the conversion of Cornelius, the first Gentile to follow Jesus without first going through the ritual to become Jewish.

First, an angel appears to Cornelius directing him to send for Peter by name. Then Peter has a vision of God telling him to eat unclean animals according to the Law of Moses just as the people from Cornelius arrive. And Peter is told to go with them, no questions asked.

Now events are told again. Luke apparently wants those listening to or reading his book to remember these events very clearly. Cornelius tells Peter of the angel’s visit, Peter tells Cornelius of his vision, then Cornelius and those with him receive the Holy Spirit leading Peter to decide to baptize them.

Now in chapter 11 Peter has to tell the church in Jerusalem what has happened beginning with his vision since they are upset with him for going into the home of a Gentile.
What people do we consider “unclean”? And is God telling us to “Never consider unclean what God has made pure.” (Acts 11:9 CEB)?

Mark Phillips