Bible Study Moment

From Acts 20:1 – 21:14 Paul is set on travelling to Jerusalem and to get there by Pentecost.

I learned Acts 20:7 as a proof text to explain why 1) Christians worship on Sunday and not the Sabbath, Saturday; and 2) why we in the Christian Church tradition have communion every week.

Other notable activities in Troas in Verses 7-10, Paul has so much to say that he speaks all night with an interruption when near midnight Eutychus, a young man trying to stay awake, falls asleep and falls out of the 3rd story window. Paul goes down and revives him.

Then in verse 17 Paul sends a message to the elders in Ephesus to meet him in Miletus, and what is recorded as his final words to them in verses 18-35 is worth reading.

In Acts 21:8 Paul and his group, which since this is a “we” section would seem to include Luke, arrive in Caesarea where they stay with Philip the evangelist, one of the Seven (deacons). This may have been where Luke talks with Philip and gets his information for parts of Acts, like Philip’s adventures in chapter 8, and about the deacons in chapter 6, and maybe more of the events in those earliest chapters of Acts. Philip has four daughters who are prophets.


Mark Phillips