Bible Study Moment

Since she would introduce me as her chosen son, instead of son-in-law, it would seem logical for me to refer to her as chosen mother, but my technical nature figures that Linda chose me, I chose Linda, and our families were byproducts. Anyway, on Maysel’s dresser she had the first part of Psalm 119:105 displayed among her pictures of family – “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet”, which is an accurate summation of how she lived her life.

The psalmist clearly has God’s Law in mind. Psalm 119 is a psalm celebrating the Law. It is also an alphabetic acrostic poem in the original Hebrew. The part for the Hebrew letter NUN is Psalm 119:105-112.

Even though this was written in Hebrew maybe we can look at the Greek word for word, Logos, which can mean the entirety of communication, and think how God communicates with us. As Christians, this should begin with Jesus Christ. Then we can add other items; the Bible, prayer, nature, other people, etc.

For me I can’t read the verse without starting to sing in my head Amy Grant’s song “Thy Word”.



Mark Phillips