Bible Study Moment

I’m going to look at how Jesus’ ministry begins in each of the four gospels.

First, John: The beginning of the ministry of Jesus is very low key in John. In chapter 1, a couple of days after John the Baptist has baptized Jesus, he tells two of his disciples when he sees Jesus, “Look! The Lamb of God!” and the two leave John and begin following Jesus. One of them is Andrew, who after spending the rest of the day with Jesus goes and gets his brother, Simon and brings him to Jesus, who quickly renames him Cephas, which is translated Peter, which is the name we know him best.

The next day Jesus finds Philip, who becomes a disciple and finds his friend Nathanael, who becomes disciple number 4. These stories are in John 1:35-51.

Then in John 2:1-12 is the wedding at Cana where Jesus turns water into wine after being prompted by his mother, which John calls Jesus first sign (or miracle).

So John doesn’t introduce Jesus with any special message from Jesus, unlike the other gospels.


Mark Phillips