Our Money Story: Generosity Reflection

Over the next several weeks, members of our Shawnee Community family will be sharing their generosity story. Our first reflection is from Kyle Smith. Thank you for sharing with us.


As a kid growing up on a farm, I watched my parents struggle with a hard life in agriculture. But despite those struggles, I witnessed them being grateful for what they had and grow in their faith. My Dad didn’t go to church a lot because of Sunday morning chores, but he lived Christian values. My Mom worked on teaching my brother and me the virtues of kindness and right and wrong (she had her work cut out for her). As I became an adult, I appreciated their beliefs and commitment more. Eventually, I adopted gratitude and my faith grew. These things supported me through both good and hard times. I felt what I had came from God and I was a steward of it. It wasn’t always easy but as gratitude and faith grew, generosity and trust ensued. It’s still a challenge for me, but the examples of Christ and knowing that is how my folks tried to live strengthens me. I thank God for my family, career, church, and health. Giving back seems like what I want to do and should do.

Kyle Smith