Where Loves Grow Campaign Update

As our campaign, Where Love Grows: Investing in Our Church’s Future comes to a close, I want to provide an update. This campaign came at the end of both COVID and our calling of a new pastor and was intended to help us meet our monthly expenses. We wanted to allow the new pastor room to do ministry without the added struggle of financial strains.

Our goal was $125,000 over a two-year period to support the church (over and above our regular giving). The pledges came in at $104,000 over the two-year period. To date, $83,315 has been received by Shawnee Community.

While we are growing and beginning to look more like our pre-COVID congregation, we are still struggling to meet our monthly obligations. We are experiencing a deficit each month. Please consider renewing your pledge for another two-year period. This allows us to invest in the future of the church. If you have contributed, please consider an increase in your monthly giving. If you have pledged, please make sure you have met the commitment.

Together, we can accomplish great things.

Sharon Cantrell